Retractable Enclosed Painted Hose Reel

Retractable Enclosed Painted Hose Reel

The automatic enclosed air hose reels are suitable for transferring fluids at several pressures and temperatures. The enclosed hose reel rewinds automatically the hose by a spring located in the drum. The hose can be stopped at the desired length. The hot-galvanized steel structure is mouldedand coated with electrostatic polyester powder resistant to UV rays. The parts in contact with the fluid are specially treated to improve resistance to corrosion.

The fixing brackets can be assembled in three different positions on the hose reel to allow wall, ceiling or floor mounting.

The range consists of several models according to hose diameters and lengths. At request, models equipped with special hoses can be supplied.

Optional: flexible hose for the connection to the system, revolving stand, additional bracket for a quick fixing of the enclosed retractable air hose reel.

Types of Retractable Enclosed Painted Hose Reel

R950 Series Retractable Enclosed Painted Hose Reel is a type of hose reel that offers the convenience of automatic hose retraction while providing additional protection and aesthetics through an enclosed and painted design.
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R960 Series Retractable Enclosed Painted Hose Reel provides a convenient and aesthetically pleasing solution for hose storage and management.
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R970 Series Retractable Enclosed Painted Hose Reels are suitable for a wide range of applications, including landscaping, automotive, and light-duty industrial use.
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Benefits of Using A Retractable Enclosed Painted Hose Reel

Benefits of Using a Retractable Enclosed Painted Hose Reel
Environmental Sustainability

Opting for recyclable coated hose reels offers a substantial advantage in terms of environmental sustainability. These reels are manufactured using materials that can be easily recycled, reducing the overall environmental impact. As industries and individuals increasingly prioritize eco-friendly practices, using recyclable materials aligns with responsible consumption and waste reduction efforts, contributing to a healthier planet for current and future generations.

Benefits of Using a Retractable Enclosed Painted Hose Reel
Longevity and Performance

Recyclable coated hose reels not only benefit the environment but also offer durability and reliable performance. The protective coating on the reel ensures resistance to rust, corrosion, and other wear factors, prolonging the lifespan of both the hose and the reel itself. By choosing a recyclable option that stands the test of time, users not only reduce the need for replacements but also make a positive contribution to sustainable resource management.

Efficiency Redefined: Retractable Enclosed Painted Hose Reel

This automatic hose reel boasts a user-friendly design, automatically rewinding the hose with a spring mechanism within the drum. Customize the length of the hose as needed for your application. The hot-galvanized steel structure, coated with UV-resistant electrostatic polyester powder, ensures longevity, while specially treated parts enhance corrosion resistance.

  1. Automatic Rewind: Effortlessly manage fluid transfer with the automatic hose rewind feature, powered by a spring mechanism within the drum.

  2. Versatile Mounting Options: Adapt to your workspace with fixing brackets that allow three different positions – wall, ceiling, or floor mounting for maximum flexibility.

  3. Durable Construction: The hot-galvanized steel structure guarantees robustness, with a UV-resistant electrostatic polyester powder coating for added protection against the elements.

  4. Corrosion Resistance: Parts in contact with fluids undergo special treatment, enhancing corrosion resistance and ensuring longevity in various industrial environments.

Discover a new standard in fluid transfer efficiency with our Retractable Enclosed Painted Hose Reel. Tailor your solution with optional accessories for a customized experience that meets the unique demands of your operations.

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