Lubrication Equipment

Lubrication Equipment

DMECL as one of the leading lubrication equipment manufacturers, is dedicated to providing efficient and reliable lubrication to automotive components.  Our equipment comes in a range of models and specifications to meet the needs of different applications, including grease guns, oil pumps, and lubrication dispensers. These machine lubrication system are built with high-quality materials and are designed for long-term use, ensuring maximum uptime and minimum maintenance.  


Used fluid/waste oil equipment is designed with precision to ensure quick and hassle-free extraction of used fluids, promoting a cleaner and safer work environment.
The Gear Oil Gun ensures accurate dispensing of lubricants, enhancing the performance and longevity of gears.
Specially crafted for auto repair shops, 4S shops, workshops, and industrial applications, our Grease Gun is designed to deliver efficient and controlled grease application.
With its advanced features and capabilities, this system is designed to simplify the process of fuel management, whether you're managing fuel for a large vehicle or a motorcycle.
Suitable for short and medium distance transportation of low viscosity oil, high quality spare parts, long service life.
Wall-Mounted Piston Gear Oil Pumps are an essential tool for efficiently lubricating vehicle engines and gearboxes.
Pneumatic piston grease pumps are essential components in various industries, providing efficient and reliable lubrication for machinery and equipment.
This portable and versatile tool allows for convenient and swift fluid transfer, whether for refueling or dispensing non-corrosive liquids such as coolant or lubricants in workshops.
Suitable for filling 60kg-180kg oil drum.
Gear oil dispenser kits are essential tools in various industries, providing a convenient and efficient solution for dispensing gear oil.
Grease dispenser kits are indispensable in various industries, providing a convenient and efficient solution for lubrication tasks.

Tips for Effective Lubrication Equipment Maintenance

To ensure the optimal functioning of lubrication equipment and the reliability of industrial machinery, regular maintenance and proper care are essential.  Here are some helpful tips for effective lubrication equipment maintenance:

  • Regular Inspection: Schedule routine inspections to check for any signs of wear, leaks, or damage in the lubrication equipment components.  Inspect hoses, pumps, valves, fittings, and storage containers for any potential issues.

  • Cleanliness: Keep the lubrication area clean and free from dirt, debris, and moisture.  Contaminants can clog nozzles, filters, and valves, compromising the efficiency of the system.  Regularly clean and replace filters as per the manufacturer's recommendations.

  • Lubricant Storage: Properly store lubricants in cool, dry areas away from direct sunlight to prevent degradation.  Ensure proper labeling and adequate stock rotation to avoid using expired or deteriorated lubricants.

  • Calibration: Periodically calibrate the meters and gauges of the lubrication equipment to maintain accuracy and reliability.

  • Training: Provide training to operators and maintenance personnel on the correct operation and maintenance of lubrication equipment.  This will enhance their understanding of the equipment's functionalities and enable them to identify and address potential issues.

The Role of Lubrication Equipment

Accurate Measurement

This accuracy helps prevent over-lubrication, which can lead to fluid leaks, excessive wear, and component failure, or under-lubrication, resulting in increased friction and premature wear. By providing accurate measurement and dispensing, lubrication filling equipment ensures optimal lubrication levels and helps prolong the lifespan of machinery and equipment.


By automating the filling and dispensing process, it eliminates the need for manual labor and reduces the time required to lubricate machinery or components. This time-saving feature allows workers to focus on other essential tasks and increases overall productivity in industrial settings.

Ensuring Safety

The equipment is designed with features like sealed containers, filtration systems, or closed-loop systems, minimizing the risk of contaminants such as particles, dust, or moisture entering the lubricant during the filling and dispensing process. This prevents potential damage to machinery and equipment, maintains optimal lubrication conditions, and helps ensure the safety of workers by reducing the risk of accidents or malfunctions caused by contaminated lubricants.


Application of Vehicle Maintenance Equipment

Application of Vehicle Maintenance Equipment in Residential
Water hose reel can use for garden to watering flowers and plants, air hose reel can used with air compressor.
DMECL Vehicle Maintenance Equipment in Automotive & Mechanical
Automotive & Mechanical
Waste oil drainer and oil dispenser can used for car repair and maintenance.
DMECL Vehicle Maintenance Equipment in Firefighting
High pressure water hose reel can used for firefighting, it's very conveninent to extend the water hose.
DMECL Vehicle Maintenance Equipment in Industrial Manufacturing
Industrial Manufacturing
Air hose reel suitable for all workshops to used for some stations which need air.
DMECL Vehicle Maintenance Equipment in Agriculture
Hoses are used to spray pesticides and other liquids, use reel extend hose.
Application of Vehicle Maintenance Equipment in Mining
Heavy-duty hose reel can used for mining, simplify mining.
Application of Vehicle Maintenance Equipment in Aviation
Lubricating equipment can used for airplane and some parts need lubrication.
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