Manually Operated Oil Dispenser

Manually Operated Oil Dispenser

Mobile manual oil dispenser refill kit with hand liquid pump. Mobile refueling can also be used to fill non-corrosive liquids such as frozen liquids and workshop lubricants. Convenient, fast. Suitable for use in places without air source.

Types of Manually Operated Oil Dispenser

The dispenser has a reservoir or container that holds the oil. This reservoir may have a capacity ranging from a few liters to several gallons, depending on the specific model.
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Application Situation of Manually Operated Oil Dispenser

Application Situation of Manually Operated Oil Dispenser
Agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery often needs lubrication to maintain normal operation, and hand oil pump can easily lubricate agricultural machinery. For example, lubricating oil can be provided for tractors, harvesters, irrigation pumps, etc., to ensure their normal operation and improve the service life of equipment.

Application Situation of Manually Operated Oil Dispenser
Industrial production

In industrial production, many equipment needs regular lubrication to keep it running efficiently. Hand oil pump can be used in various industrial fields, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, paper and so on. In these fields, the hand oil pump can easily inject lubricating oil into the machine equipment, ensure the stable operation of the production line and improve production efficiency.

Features of Manually Operated Oil Dispenser

  • Convenience and Speed: Manually operated oil dispensers offer quick and hassle-free fluid transfer, allowing for efficient refueling and dispensing operations.

  • Portability: With their compact and lightweight design, these dispensers are easily portable, enabling fluid transfers in various locations as needed.

  • Suitable for Locations without Air Source: Designed specifically for use in environments where an air source is unavailable or inaccessible, such as remote areas or outdoor worksites.

  • Versatility: Manually operated oil dispensers can handle a range of non-corrosive liquids, making them suitable for diverse applications in workshops, garages, and industrial settings.

  • Durability: Built with robust materials, these devices are durable and can withstand harsh conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.

  • Cost-effective Solution: As these dispensers do not require an air compressor or electricity, they offer a cost-effective option for smaller operations or budget-conscious users.

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